What is Musix?

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What task can I make with Musix?

See What tasks can I make with Musix?

What makes Musix different from other multimedia-oriented distributions?

  1. We will not leave the system into Debian maintainer's hands, we are not a part of Debian: Debian it's not 100% free. Musix OS it's 100% free software because it does not have private software, and it does not support non-free software.
  2. We have a different approach: a didactic OS.
  3. We want the users to find an easy way to make all the tasks under Musix: DeMuDi, Planet CCRMA, are for geeks now.
  4. There wasn't a GNU+Linux music distribution for Spanish speakers: now there is: Musix. But then, RMS tell me that it will be thousandfold more useful to support English language, and I agree with him.
  5. Easier: only one CD and you have it all: office applications, net, graphics, programing, midi, audio, etc.
  6. Live CD: what you are testing is what you will go to find if you install it, but if you install it, it will be better because of the multimedia kernel, and the enhanced HD work.
  7. Documentation: the system comes with an understandable User's Manual.
  8. Audacity: we will include really new apps, CVS versions, etc., for example: DSSI, Hydrogen 0.92 final, jackd 0.100
  9. Desktops: it is well known that Gnome and KDE are not suitable for JACK audio work, so we choose fluxbox, openbox, icewm + rox-filer as desktops. Besides, this election allow us to escape from KDE's and gnome's package's dependencies.

What applications are present in Musix GNU+Linux?

See: Software list

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